Two years ago (the picture on the left), I decided to start losing weight because my family had a background of having heart problems and I felt very insecure about my body at the time. Back then, I would look down upon myself because I knew that there were things I could do but I was held back because of my physical capabilities. Even then, I didn't really have enough motivation to start losing weight. Yet, I told myself to at least try to help myself out of the gutter since it was the time I had a very hard time being committed to do things. On my first weigh-in, I looked at the reading that said 225 lbs knowing in my head that a lot of work has to be done.

I started trying to lose weight back in my last year of high school by joining the training for Blue Babble Battalion, CAT Special Flights training that required me to go to school almost everyday for the summer after I had my CET review classes in the morning. At first, I would have a hard time doing all the running around campus and struggling with body weight exercises or calisthenics such as push-ups and planks. But luckily, the people around me that time believed in me and kept telling me to keep going.

Over the two months of that summer in 2016, I was able to lose a bit over 20 pounds and my classmates, who I haven't seen in two months, notice that something has changed about me and tell me "Uy, pumayat ka ah". I was surprised to hear it because it was the first time someone was able to acknowledge my effort into something I wanted to improve on about myself which was my body image. The words of encouragement by the people around me gave me enough motivation to keep going for a healthier lifestyle through enough exercise and proper eating.

Unfortunately, during my 4th year of high school, nothing about my body really changed as I wasn't able to commit towards the exercise routine I did back then in summer even though I was in Ateneo Highschool Arnis Society. The food I was eating also got worse. There were times I would often eat too much because of stress or not even eat at all because I didn't feel like it. And this went on and on until freshman year in college.

During the summer before freshman year in college, I tried out going to a fight gym to learn Muay Thai which I was thankful for because it allowed me to practice a martial art and do a lot of cardio which helped in weight loss.

As I turned into a college student into the Ateneo, I managed to get my habits together to start losing weight again.I got to join the Ateneo College Arnis Varsity Team and I started going to a nutrition club for proper dieting. Joining the team helped me lose a lot of weight as the training is quite intense and probably more than I could handle. It was also weird for me to try a real diet that was personally made for me cause most of the things I had to eat were actually pretty healthy for me. Although sticking to my diet and continuously going to training was difficult, the support I had from my friends and family made me continue to do so.

After two years of trying to lose weight, I currently stand weighing 163 lbs which is 62 lbs less from when I started (Picture on the left).

And so, what made me decide to share my story?

I came to a realization that being fit isn't a one time thing that you'll only do once and hope that results will come instantly. It's a lifestyle that requires a person to be committed if they want to improve the state of their bodies. It's a lifestyle that may need you to have people around you to help you reach your body goals so that you'll never feel alone when you're doing it. You also need to have a sense of what you're actually doing in terms of what you eat and what you do to truly understand what you need. And even though it's hard, it's all worth it in the end.

Reaching your goals isn't easy and it never would be without being committed in what you do so here are some things that you might want to know if you want to improve.

1. Love yourself - Learn to love yourself so that you'll be able to appreciate who you are as a person and realize that there are so many things that you could do for yourself.

2. Have people around you support you - Most of the time when I exercise, the best times I've had are when I do the exercises with friends so you don't feel lonely and you'll know that someone with the same idea of trying to get to their goal is exercising with you.

3. Be open to learning - There are a lot of things you have to learn when you want to lose fat or gain muscle which involve complicated explanations that would only make sense after hearing it more than once. The better part of it is that you'll eventually reach a point that you can tell people what you know about losing fat or gaining muscle to help those who wish to do so.

4. Commit - You probably won't see any considerable progress instantly if you've been doing a week's worth of exercise compared to those who have already done months of exercise. But don't feel bad about it because everyone starts somewhere and it depends on you on how willing you are to go the extra mile to reach your goals.