As a kid, I was always at the beach! I loved the ocean, the sand and, eventually, the bikinis! I knew I was a fat kid growing up, but that never stopped me from buying the cutest bikinis. AWOW Daming confidence noh demn??? Except one day, when someone expressed his/her disgust on my formspring (yes cool kid ako) and I guess the person was just rly bothered with the image of me in a bikini with all my fats bulging out lol. After those mean comments, young Chelly never showed her face again (charot!) but in all seriousness, I’m pretty sure that was one of the most crucial events that got me insecure. ☹️

I was so tired of being the chubby girl & being so nervous at beach trips wt friends. I hated my body so much. Sooo before college, I actually tried taking *really expensive* diet pills just to lose weight. And yes it worked but it didn’t last very long…

Fast forward to the start of this school year, I was so frustrated because of post-JTA gainz that I was starting to lose hope. Until one day Vic (yiiie) shared with me Julia's post on Ateneo trade. Tbh I’ve actually seen her posts online but I didn’t really believe in it. I asked her lotsa times if it was effective cause I was so scared of getting my hopes up... til I said ok fck itttt it’s worth a try!

Thanks to Ramona Julia Sucgang and Enzo Bonoan's constant guidance and support, as cliche as it sounds, I saw the possible in the impossible! Thanks to them, I actually developed a sense of discipline and determination. 🤗

What I love most about this program was that it wasn’t just another diet, but I was able to meet so many new & inspiring people. It’s rly great being in an environment where everyone’s rooting for you, instead of bringing you down *ahem ahem* So I didn’t only find a support system but also a family! 💖

I know I've still got a long way to go. But I'm still so far from where I used to be! So to that formspring hater, well, I got my confidence back and so is me in a bikini on the beach. 😌