Ever since I was a youngin, I never really took into consideration how my weight could affect my health. I thought, as long as I could walk, run, jump, and sit properly, I'd be alright. This, combined with my aspirations to be a pro E-sports player, led to years of drinking 1.5 L bottles of Coke daily and of eating 3-4 cups of rice per meal. My weight skyrocketed and I was classified under Obese class 2. It really struck me that something needed to happen when I was a senior in HS and I couldn't do a single push-up during our Physical Aptitude Tests (First picture, top left).

I started blindly exercising and thought that if I exercised enough I could eat ANYTHING. Oh how wrong I was.

Fast-forward to my freshman year in Ateneo, I met Enzo Bonoan RANDOMLY along Katipunan thanks to my good friend, Josh Vera. I overheard their conversation about a nutrition club, took the leap, and decided to just message Zo looking for help because I was desperate. With his guidance, hard work, and a lot of knowledge imparted on me about wellness, I was able to get my weight down to normal, got a gym membership, and lowered my body fat percentage to around 13%. (Second pic, top right)

Even if I was satisfied with the results, I wanted to improve my health-game even more.

Now I'm at my fourth year in Ateneo, still on my fitness journey, and I invite you all to join me, for whatever reason it may be, to get on that wellness train to inspire everyone regardless of weight class or age!