Age When Transformed: 21

Lost or Gained Weight? Lost

How Much Weight Lost/Gained? 60 lbs

Before Weight and After Weight: 230 lbs to 170 lbs

Fitness Program/s: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Muscle Tone

Fitness Activity/ies: Weights, MMA, Calisthenics

Do You Take Fitness Supplements? Yes

What Fitness Supplement/s Do You Take? ON Whey Protein, ON Creatine, ON Branched Chain Amino Acids, GNC Casein Protein, Evlution Nutrition Fat Loss

What’s Your Diet Like? Dukan (Hi Protein, Lo Fat, Lo Carb) and Rosemary Conley (Food should have less than 5% Fat). I’ve stopped eating sweets, junk, pastries, and refined carbohydrates. My staple carbs is wheat bread, limited to 6 slices a day and my staple protein is eggs, at least 6 a day.

What’s Your Fitness Mantra? “If you can visualize it, you can manifest it.”

What’s Your Story?

During 2011, I became 230 lbs. from 160 lbs in a span of six months because all I ended up being was a couch potato who had been enjoying the luxuries of a spoiled life until routines changed. It was life without direction. But everything changed when I had a dream of changing that self-image, even if nobody really cared (because my life's mantra became "constant improvement for the achievement of my highest human potential" thanks to a philosophy class I took during college). I did it for myself. Honestly, it was sort of a comeback, trying to prove something; but, eventually, I realized I had nothing to prove. Just keep on improving and never stop that process. There’s no finish line, there’s nothing to prove, no one to impress - just keep moving no matter what. It made me more assertive, focused on what I really want to achieve, and never be satisfied (in a good way). It trains you mentally and physically. In addition, it did change the way I perceive myself, which somehow affected my subconscious, and let me strengthen focus, discipline, commitment, perseverance, and have a fighter attitude.

To survive the fitness transformation, all you need are:

1. Self-discipline (by religiously following workouts no matter how hard it gets)

2. Sacrifice (getting used to boring yet healthy food and cutting delicious yet unhealthy food)

3. Stamina (each day gets compounded into a stronger, tougher you)

4. Faith (believing that you can do it because you have confidence in yourself)

5. Desire (whatever you call that divine or universal force people say as a god can never go wrong in your life; if you ask that force something and you work for it, you're gonna have it)

6. Relationships (you get to meet people of all types in the gym or whichever venue and share life stories, motivations, and successes)

7. Connections (if you become successful in this field and have your own transformation, you'll get to meet lots of people and be able to inspire them and even make a living/business out of it)

And the skills you develop are:

1. Ability to follow routines, rules, procedures, and regimens

2. Physical strength

3. Mental fortitude

4. Self-discipline

5. Monitoring progresses

6. Maintenance

7. Positivity

8. Focus

9. Time management

While the core fitness pillars you work on are:

1. Accuracy

2. Agility

3. Balance

4. Coordination

5. Endurance

6. Flexibility

7. Power

8. Speed

9. Strength

10. Stamina